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About Teravit

TERAVIT is an Open World Sandbox RPG using Voxel technology to create vast and colorful worlds where players can embark on exciting adventures or join epic battles while also expressing their creativity by crafting and building various items and structures.



Windswept meadows, lush forests, glistening snowfields, and scorching deserts…

Teravit is a vast world overflowing with abundant nature in various landscapes.

In this beautiful world, the “Flame of Hope” burned bright and the people of TERAVIT all possessed the “Power of Creation”.
Tera, the great Megami of Creation, maintained peace and helped all the inhabitants of TERAVIT.

Thanks to Tera, the people of TERAVIT lived happily and peacefully with the “Power of Creation”.

One day, however, Tera suddenly disappeared and the “Flame of Hope” was extinguished.
Now the world has become overrun with monsters.

The inhabitants of TERAVIT have lost the “Power of Creation” because the “Flame of Hope” went out.
People lost the ability to create tools and weapons and were forced to go into hiding while fearing the end of the world.

In the midst of tragedy, a hero has appeared.
With the “Flame of Hope” burning within, this hero possesses the “Power of Creation” that was once lost…



From grasslands, wastelands, poisonous swamps, to volcanic regions… There are so many places to explore!


Prepare for battles and adventures!
Create weapons, potions, furniture and building materials!


Travel by land, sea, or sky!
Use grappling Hooks, paragliders, and boats…!
Go on adventures and travel throughout TERAVIT in a variety of ways!



Each character comes with their own special set of skills!
Use and master different skills to get out of a pinch!


Go up against unique monsters!
Defeat them with crafted weapons!


Monster bases and forts appear all over TERAVIT!
Get equipped to fight the powerful bosses that await!



Build a home with a variety of blocks!
Set up a fortress to keep out enemies or create a city to hang out with friends!
The possibilities are endless!


Grow rice, wheat, vegetables, and more!
Cook with the harvested crops and use them on adventures!


Interact with lots of adorable animals!
Befriend an animal to ride on its back!

Build Mode

Enjoy building? Play TERAVIT in Build Mode!
Create unique structures using over 1,000 different blocks and building materials!



Freely create custom characters!
Create a custom character by using Voxel technology and changing colors!


Go on adventure alone or with other players!
Work with friends to clear difficult bases!


Fight against other players!
Take part in epic battles while making full use of various items and weapons!

Game Overview & System Requirements

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