Global Alpha Photo/Video Contest

A photo & video contest will be held during the Global Alpha Test.
Teravit players can participate by submitting not only screenshots, videos but also fanarts, avatars, etc…!
As we want to promote creativity, there will be no fixed category for this contest and we will rewards our participants with various prizes.

Entries will be reviewed by our team and winners will be announced on our official website.

Submission Period

October 12th, 2021 (JST) – November 4th, 2021 (JST)

How to participate

1. Follow @teravit_en
2. Post a Tweet featuring images or video while including the #teravitcontest hashtag

You can also add other hashtags such as #teravitss, #teravitvideo, or #teravitart depending on the content of your submission.


– Feel free to add your own comments along
– You can submit any number of entries as you like
– Up to 4 images can be included per entry
– Video entries should either embed the video into the tweet or include the URL of the video if hosted on an external service (e.g.: Youtube)


– Entries not fulfilling the above conditions may still be eligible for this contest
– By participating in this contest, you agree to give the Teravit team permission to fully or partly feature your submission on the Teravit official website and our other managed accounts.

Guidelines for Content Creators

You may use materials from the Teravit alpha test in your streams and videos, including monetized ones without prior consent required. This authorization extends to both individual and professional creators.
If you use any Teravit material for your videos, then you must include the following notice in the video or the description:

Teravit is an in-development title and is currently in alpha testing.