Photo/Video Contest Ongoing!

A contest will be held during the Global Alpha Test.
The applicable contents for the contest includes screenshots and videos, in-game creations such as buildings and avatars, and any content created which is related to Teravit.
We are planning to prepare many awards for the contest in the category of “◯◯ Prize”, so be sure to submit your images and videos from Teravit’s Global Alpha Test.

Entries will be judged by the Teravit team, and the winning entries will be announced on the official website.

Submission Period October 12th, 2021 (JST) – November 4th, 2021 (JST) How to participate

1. Follow @teravit_en
2. Post your Teravit related photos and videos with the hashtag #teravitcontest to enter the contest.

You may also use #teravitss, #teravitvideo, or #teravitart, depending on the content of your submission.

● About the Tweet

・The comment of the post is up to the participant.
・There is no limit to the number of times one can enter the contest.
・Photo submissions can be between 1 ~ 4 images.
Please post your video on a video sharing service such as “YouTube” or “Twitter (Video Tweet)” and include the URL of the posted video in your entry Tweet.

Important Notes

* Even if you do not meet the entry requirements, you may still be eligible to win if your submission is related to Teravit.
* You acknowledge that your work may be used on the official website, official SNS, etc. after modification or processing.

Video Guidelines

You are free to use Teravit for streams, broadcasts and video creation without prior consent, regardless of your affiliation (Individual or corporate) or whether you are a profit-making or non-profit-making user.
In addition, please include the following sentence in the summary section of the video.

Teravit is an in-development title and is currently in alpha testing.