Major Updates in the Open Beta Test

Hello, adventurers! This is the Teravit Team!
We are pleased to announce that the first Global Open Beta Test of “Teravit” is scheduled to begin on January 27th 15:00 (JST) !

This test will be conducted on the Windows version, with the installer distributed.


Based on the feedback and requests from those who have enjoyed Teravit and participated in the previous alpha tests, we have been implementing and improving various functions.
In order to improve the quality of the game, we have decided to hold the first open beta test.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy Teravit.
*The game is still under development, so there may be changes to the content.

■Major updates since the alpha test

●More Features
1. Build Mode added
 ・All kinds of blocks and building materials can be used without limitation.
 ・Unlimited number of blocks and building materials can be used.
 ・Players will not be targeted by monsters and will not take damage.
 ・Players can fly.
 ・Players can switch between third and first person view by pressing the F5 key.

2. Building System updated
 ・New blocks have been added.
 ・Blue guides are now displayed where blocks and building materials can be placed, and red guides are displayed where they cannot.
 ・Blocks can now be placed in sequence by holding down the right mouse button when placing blocks.
 ・Pickaxes can now be used to destroy blocks while holding onto a wall.
 ・A new item, the “Bucket,” has been added. The bucket can be used to carry and place water, lava, etc.
3. Farming System Added
 ・A new tool, “Mulch”, has been added. It can be used on soil blocks to cultivate the soil.
 ・Crop seeds and seedlings can be planted in the tilled soil blocks. Crops will grow over time.

4. Actions added for animals and villagers
 ・Animals and villagers can perform actions.
 ・Some animals can now be ridden. Players will need to befriend the animal in order to ride it.
 ・You can now give crops, such as carrots and apples, to animals. If you give them their favorite food, you can get to know them better.
 ・A new item, “All-purpose Feed,” has been added.
 ・A new item “Animal Bell” has been added. The “Animal Bell” is a new item that can be used on animals with increased bonds to make them follow the player.
 ・If a piece of furniture or a light block is placed near a villager, bonds will increase. When bonds increase, players may be able to obtain items from the villagers.

5. Battle-related Updates
 ・The “Big Monster Nest”, a base where new boss monsters appear, has been added.
 ・A new boss monster nest has been added.
 ・Weapons can now be used at their best distance to deal more damage.
 ・Swords and axes can now attack multiple monsters in the vicinity of the player.
 ・The new item, “Net”, will allow you to capture monsters. The captured monsters can be released at any location.
 ・A new guard action has been added. The amount of damage reduction will vary depending on the weapon equipped.

5. Quests Added
 ・The main quest has been added. The megami in each village will ask players to unlock towers and take down monster nests. Players can get items by completing the quests.
 ・Sub-quests have been added. The characters in the village will ask players to defeat monsters. Players can get items by completing these quests.

6. Field Updates
 ・Magma and water are now found underground.
 ・New biomes, plants, minerals, and buildings have been added.

7. Operational Updates
 ・Basic operations have been revised with the addition of new actions.
 ・Gamepad is now supported.
 ・Gamepad key configuration is now supported.
 ・A perspective switching mode has been added. Players can switch between third and first person view by pressing the F5 key

8. Accessory updates
  ・Only one effect of an accessory within the same line of performance will be activated. Setting an accessory of the same type in an equipment slot will not cause a second effect.
  ・Accessories and loaded arrows that are in effect will now be marked as equipped.

9. More Items
 ・”Cart” and “Railroad Track” have been added.
 ・The “Treasure Map” has been added. When used, it will show the location of special treasure chests in the world as icons on the map.

●Additional Updates and Changes
 1. Airships have been made unavailable. Also, the airship factory has been removed from the map.
 2. Boats and large ships do not break.
 3. Made it difficult for large ships to run aground.
 4. The quality of monsters and effects has been improved.
 5. Removed 3D Avatars.
 6. Some ores, animals, and plants now only appear in certain biomes.。
 7. Items that fall into the water will now float.
 8. Some item names and descriptions have been changed.
 9. The limit of the number of times a skill weapon can be used has been revised so that its durability value decreases just like a normal weapon.
 10. Some items can now be used while paragliding or jumping.
 11. For items that heal, we have added an effect that removes the damage and also prevents the damaging effects for a certain period of time.
 12. Removed gem consumption from monster nests and fort chests. 
 13. Removed player levels.
 14.The compass displayed on the screen has been changed to a minimap.
 15. Anyone can now easily start a server without having to open any ports when starting it.

■Test Period

January 27th, 2022 15:00 (JST) – Monday 7th, 2022 15:00 (JST) (Estimate)

We look forward to seeing everyone in the world of Teravit!