Let’s Make An Original Avatar!


In the world of Teravit, you can fight monsters and roam freely in the world using characters created with MagicaVoxel.
Today we’ll be introducing how to create such an original character. For those who are interested, let’s take advantage of “MagicaVoxel” to create your own unique character and prepare for the upcoming Teravit release!

For information on how to download MagicaVoxel and how to use it easily, check out the “Let’s create the world of TERAVIT! Introduction to MagicaVoxel Vol. 1”!

If you read this article to the end, you will also be able to create this kind of character.

What is MagicaVoxel?

MagicaVoxel is a free voxel creation tool.
“Voxels” are created using boxes to form three-dimensional objects, so you can create characters and objects intuitively, just like building blocks!

Official Website: https://ephtracy.github.io/

How to install Magica Voxel?

① Access the (https://ephtracy.github.io/) official website.

② Select “Download (Latest)”.

③ Windows PC users can select “MagicaVoxel-” to download MagicVoxel.
(For Mac Users: Please select “MagicaVoxel-”.)
*The version may change depending on the development of MagicaVoxel.

④ Double-click the downloaded zip file to extract it and open the folder.

⑤ Double-click on the “Magica Voxel” icon in the folder to launch Magica Voxel and view the modeling screen.

MagicaVoxel Modeling Screen

・Let’s prepare a character
→ Download the boy.vox file and load the contents
・Let’s create an original character
→Before creating a character
→ Create your own original characters by painting them different colors
→ How to make colors
→ How to paint

・Let’s prepare a character

Get the boy.vox file and load the contents
In the world of Teravit, you can freely explore using the avatars you create with MagicaVoxel.

This time, we will be sharing the voxel data for “Boy” (boy.vox), Crimrose (crimrose.vox) from CosmicBreak and Lady Shizuka (shizukagozen.vox) from Onigiri.
First, download the data you are interested in, and load the data in MagicaVoxel.
* This article will show you how to create your own original character using “boy.vox”.

boy.vox crimrose.vox shizukagozen.vox

Once the download is complete, you can load it into MagicaVoxel by selecting “Download” from the folder icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

When the “Boy” avatar appears on the screen as shown in the image below, loading is complete.

Let’s create an original character

Before creating a character
There are a few things to keep in mind when using MagicaVoxel to create a character for the Teravit. For example, the “Boy” consists of the following components.

・body0 : Body + Two Hands
・body1 : Two arms + Two legs
・face0 : Face (Normal)
・face1 : Face (Eyes closed, Sleeping)
・face2 : Face (Happy)
・face3 : Face (Damage, Death)

body0 : Body + Two hands body1 : Two arms + Two legs face0 : Face (Normal)
face1 :
Face (Eyes closed, Sleeping)
face2 :
Face (Happy)
face3 :
Face (Damage, Death)

All of these components are body parts that move independently of each other.
If you create an original character from scratch in MagicaVoxel and want it to appear in Teravit, be careful to create it in separate layers as described above.

* We are currently making adjustments to “face2 : Face (Happy)” with the goal of displaying various emotions on avatars for the official release. Please note that the changes made will not be applied to the avatar in-game.

Create your own character by painting it different colors

MagicaVoxel has two types of screens; the Modeling Screen, where you can create three-dimensional objects using voxels, and the World Screen, where you can freely move and place voxel objects in 3D space.

Modeling Screen World Screen

Click the “▲” button in the upper right corner to switch between the “Modeling Screen” and the “World Screen”. You can also switch between them by pressing the “Tab” key.

Firstly, select your character’s face [face0 : Face (Normal)] in the “World Screen” by left-clicking on it, and then click on the “▲” in the upper right corner or press the “Tab” key to switch to the “Modeling Screen”.

When you switch to the Modeling Screen, only the selected area (layer) will be highlighted, so you will be able to repaint the voxels or add voxels, as shown in the image below.

Let’s make colors
In MagicaVoxel, you can use the color palette on the left to select colors, but currently only shows the colors used by boy.vox.
If you want to use a new color, you can do that by creating your own color.


To create a color, select one of the palettes in the color palette.

With the palette selected, select “▼Color” under the color palette to see the colors labeled “H: S: V:”.

You can add colors to the palette by adjusting each of the “H: S: V:” to match the color you want to create.

The number under HSV is the RGB value (A way to represent colors consisting of the three primary colors of light).
You can also create a new color by changing the value here.
Here we have created a yellow color by entering the RGB value of “255 255 0”.

How to paint
Once you’ve added the colors you want to use to the color palette, it’s time to create your own original character by actually repainting the boy.

With the color you want to use selected from the color palette, select “Paint” from the “Brush Tools” on the right side, which you will use to apply the color.

By clicking on “Boy“ (Object) while it is selected, you can paint it with the selected color, and draw any pattern or picture you want.

Using the functions in the Brush Tool, you can select the same area as the color of the selected voxel, or fill the selected voxel with the color selected in the color palette.

Useful Tools (Some)

You can select the same area as the color of the selected voxel.
The selected voxel can be filled with the color selected in the color palette.
If you click on a voxel while holding down the “Alt” key, you can extract the palette of the selected color. This is a useful feature to reconfirm which colors were used.

For more information on how to paint colors, please refer to “Let’s create the world of TERAVIT! Introduction to MagicaVoxel Vol.1” for more information on how to create your own original characters.

When you have finished coloring, go back to the “World Screen” and select another layer by left-clicking on it.
Switch to the “Modeling Screen” and create your original character by repainting the colors and patterns just as you did for “face0: Face (Normal)”.

By using the “Layer function” on the left side of the “World Screen”, you can change the character’s facial expression (face).

The ● to the left of the number indicates the currently displayed layer, which can be toggled visible or invisible by clicking on it.

Layer1 Layer2 Layer3
face1 :
Face (Eyes closed, Sleeping)
face2 :
Face (Happy)
face3 :
Face (Damage, Death)

When you have finished painting everything, your original character is complete.

After completing your original character, don’t forget to save it.

To save your work, press “Ctrl” + “S” (or “Cmd” + “S” on a Mac).
When you save the file, a file save dialog will appear, so don’t forget to save it in the vox folder in the same folder as the MagicaVoxel application with a file name of your choice.

Go on a grand adventure within the world of Teravit using your custom avatar.

Press TAB to open the in-game menu.

Navigate to the ”Menu / Settings” menu, then click on the “Change Avatar” button.

Navigate to “Skin” tab and click on #Import VOX#, then select your avatar.

When the import process is complete, you should see your avatar on screen.

Clicking on ”Make Public” will allow you to upload your skin to the Teravit database for other players to browse and use.

This concludes the tutorial on importing your custom avatar into Teravit.

Create your own custom avatar to explore the world of Teravit.


This concludes how you can create an original character using MagicaVoxel.
The characters you create can be used to freely explore the world of Teravit.

Please check back for more information on how to make them appear in Teravit in a separate article.