Build Mode User Guide Jan, 2023

■Basic Control

・In Build Mode

Functions Mouse/Keyboard Gamepad
(Xinput Standard)
Breaking Block Left Click X
Move W / A / S / D Left Stick
Jump Space A
Dash Double Click W/A/S/D Push in Left Stick
Dodge SHIFT Push in Right Stick
Item Shortcut 1~9,0 【None】
Examine F B
Discard Q
Using equipment tool Left Click X
Use item Right Click Y
Select item Mouse Wheel LB / RB
Switch to flying mode Space (during jump) A (during jump)
Rise Space (during fly) A (during fly)
Fall SHIFT (during fly) Push in right stick (during fly)
Toggle Mode E
Change cursor mode F B
Display Shortcut Ctrl 【None】
Display Menu Tab START
Chat T
Cancel/Close Esc A
Screenshot F10 【None】
Full Screen F11 【None】

・In Quest Mode

To change to Quest Mode, select “Game Mode” inside the “Menu/Setting” and select “Quest”.

Functions Mouse /Keyboard Gamepad
(Xinput Standard)
Attack Left Click X
Hook Shot Wheel Click 【None】
Wall Climb ↑ towards wall (during jump) Left Stick (during jump)
Paraglider Space (during jump) A (during jump)

■Basic World Build

Players can create their own world they desire by selecting the “World Build” from the title screen.

①Click “World Build” after signing in.

②Choose your world type and click “Next”.

③Set options for world generation. Options are different for each world type.
Once completed, click “Next”.

④After reviewing your overall view of the world, click “Start World Build”.
Characters will appear in the generated world and start your Build.

※Options can not be changed once the world is generated.

■Other Useful Control in Build Mode

・Short cut keys for Build Mode

You can shortcut some actions in the build mode by holding the Ctrl+Specific key.

・Free Cursor Mode

Press the F key to operate the menu bar on top of the screen.
The function changes depending on the selected tool/item.

・Toggle Mode

Toggle between “Builder Punch” and “Builder Selector” modes by clicking E.
In “Builder Punch” mode, blocks can be destroyed in a single attack.

・How to use Builder Selector

Press the “E” key to switch to Builder Selection mode.
Select an area with a left click to select the starting point and a left click again at the ending point.

After selecting a range tool panel will display.

①Selected Range: Displays a selected range set in Builder Selection mode.
②Tool Panel: Players can duplicate or move the selected range.

①Adjusting the Left Side: Adjusts the width of the left side of the selected range facing forward.
②Length Adjustment: Adjusts the length of the width.
③Adjusting the Right Side: Adjusts the width of the right side of the selected range facing forward.
④Height Adjustment: Adjusts the top height.
⑤Duplicate: Duplicate a selected range of blocks and place them in a different location.
⑥Delete: Delete the selected range of blocks.
⑦Move: Move the selected range of blocks.
⑧Rotate: Rotates the selected range of blocks by 90 degrees viewed from above.
⑨Mirror: Mirror the selected range of blocks.
⑩Marker: Register the selected range of blocks to “Marker”.
⑪Save: Save the selected range of blocks to “My Assets”.

■Setting Required to Create Parkour

・Quest Setting

The setting for stages that can be cleared by reaching the goal from the starting point can be found in the Quest Setting.
The procedures are as follows.

1)Click the Tab key to open the menu, and select “World” above.

2)Select the “Quest Settings” to display the Quest Setting UI, and change “Free Quest” to “Time Race” in the “Main rule”.

3)After setting the Parkour mode, click X at the top right corner, and click “Yes” on the dialog to apply the change.

※Sub-rules such as “Complete the course” are implemented temporarily, it is not necessary to be set.

・Start and Goal Marker

Start and Goal can be set using the Builder Selector.
The procedures are as follows.

1)Use Builder Selector to set a location where you want as “Start”, and select the “Marker” located at the bottom left.

2)Press F towards the marker to display the UI and set the “Game Start Point” and the “Goal Point”.

3)If the “Quest Settings” is set as “Time Race”, time measurement starts by entering the start point and ends by entering the endpoint. Measured times are planned to be used in ranking.

4)Due to the marker not being displayed in Quest Mode, set an object or a landscape to direct the player where to interact or enter to start the stage.
The same applies for Goal point.

■About Assets

・What is an Asset?

In Teravit Build Mode, various buildings that can be set freely are prepared as “Assets”.
Also by selecting a range of blocks and registering them as “My Asset”, it can be placed in any desired area.

How to register as Asset

1. Select the range of the building you want to register as “My Asset”.
2. Register the selected range by clicking “Save” > ”Save the asset” on the bottom right of the Tool panel.

・Asset Placement

Assets are displayed in the “Tool & Gimmick” category by opening the menu.

Move the cursor over “My asset” in the item list and right-click to display the asset selection display.
Right-click or click the heart icon on the right to register as “Fav Assets”.

Select an asset, decide its location, and left-click to enter the temporary placement mode.
During the temporary placement mode, a tool panel is displayed to allow the user to adjust the position of the asset.

①Height adjustment: Adjust the height of the asset.
②Position adjustment: The location of the asset can be moved freely.
③Rotation: Rotate by 90 degrees viewed from above.
④Confirm: Confirm location.

■About Moving Assets

・What is a Moving Asset?

Previously mentioned assets can also be registered as “Moving Assets” to add various movements

・How to register as “Moving Assets”.

1. Select the range of the building you want to register as “My Asset”.
2. Register the selected range by clicking “Save” > ”Save as moving assets” on the bottom right of the Tool panel.

・How to make a windmill using moving assets.

1. Place the registered assets in the location where you want them to move.
2. Press F toward the moving asset to open the setting display.
3. Select “Rotate” on the Operation type, and left-click to confirm.
4. Select “+X” or “-X” for the axis of revolution.

・How to create Moving Floor using Moving Assets

1. Place the registered assets in the location where you want them to move.
2. Press F toward the moving asset to open the setting display.
3. Select “round trip” on the Operation type, and left-click to confirm.
4. Set the distance you want the asset to move in “X, Y, Z movement”.

・How to make a Swing using Moving Assets

1. Build the parts you want to apply movement to, and select the range with Builder Selector.
2. Register the selected range by clicking “Save” > ”Save as moving assets” on the bottom right of the Tool panel.
3. Place the registered assets in the location where you want them to move.
4.Press F toward the moving asset to open the setting display.
5. Select “Swing” on the Operation type, and left-click to confirm.
6. Select “+X”, “-X” or “+Z”, “-Z” for the axis of revolution.

The pivot of the swing is set from the range selected in Builder Selector.
By selecting a large range in the beginning, you will be able to move the pivot of the swing.

・How to Control the Movement of Moving Assets.

The timing to start moving the moving assets can be set in “Operation Start Timing”.

Operation Type “Round trip”, “Vibration”, “Square”
One cycle of movement is completed with a value from 0 to 50.

Operation Type “Rotation”, “Swing”
One cycle of movement is completed with a value from 0 to 100.

■Commonly used Building Techniques for each Tool

・How to Create Natural Mountain

1. Select the “Land Preparation Tool” and set the height to “+1”.
2. Move the cursor down to the ground then the height below will increase.
3. Select the “Hole Digging Tool”, and set the shape to spherical, the mountain wall blocks can be broken with more natural bumps.

・How to Create Walls Quickly

1.Line up blocks that you want to make a wall with.
2. Select the lined block with Builder Selector and click “Duplicate” on the Tool Panel.
3. After placing the duplicated wall, select the wall again with the Builder Selector and “Duplicate” again from the Tool panel.
By repeating these steps, the wall can be built without placing blocks one by one.

・Creating Floors in Mid-air

1. Select the “Floor Tool”.
2. Place the block by positioning the cursor to the position and height desired and right-click.
3. The floor can be replaced using the “Dropper Tool” after placing it with the “Floor Tool”.
The “Dropper Tool” can be used by selecting the beaker on the free cursor mode after selecting the block.

・Removing Water from Waterfalls and Ocean

Use the “Water Digging Tool” to remove water blocks.

・Removing plants and flowers on the ground

Plants on the ground that cannot be removed with the “Land Preparation Tool” can be removed using the “Hole Digging Tool”.
By setting not to dig below your foot in free cursor mode, only plants can be removed.

・Creating Stairs

Stairs can be made using stair blocks and “Floor Tools”.
The features for each blocks are as follows.

Stair Block

When built with stair blocks, it can be climbed smoothly.
It can also be made with some roof blocks.

Floor Tool

When creating with the floor tool, it becomes a staircase jumping up each step automatically.
To add steps, set the height to “+1” using the “Floor Tool”.
The stair design can be changed by replacing the blocks with “Dropper Tool”.

Stairs can be easily duplicated for more steps just like duplicating walls.

■About Teravit Circuits

In Teravit, energy to move various objects can be generated and be connected to devices using circuits.

・Circuits using Conductors

<Basic Circuit Layout>
A circuit is made up of three blocks: “Energy generating Device,” “Conducting Wire,” and “Moving Object”.
The objects can be moved by connecting the “Energy Generating Device” to the “Moving Object” through a “Conducting Wire”.

“Ex. The door can be opened by pressing the button from the following layout.
“”Button”” → “”Conducting Wire”” → “”Door”””

<Types of Eneygy Generatoing Device>

Button → Generates energy for 1 sec. by examining. Can also be pressed with an arrow.
Switch → Generates energy by examining. Examine once again to stop.
Pressure Sensitive Plate → Generates energy while standing on it.
Generator → Constantly generates energy. Cannot be turned off.

<Types of Moving Objects>
Every object that can be operated by “Examine” such as a door.
Moving Assets

・Wireless Circuit

Basic Circuit Layout
By connecting the energy generator device to a “Radio transmitter” and the moving object to a “Radio receiver”, the circuit can be activated without conducting wires in between.

“Ex. Button → Conductiong Wire → Radio transmitter
Radio receiver → Conducting Wire → Door”
The door will open by examining the button from the layout above.

The radio can be set to a maximum of 12 channels and the transmitter and receiver set to the same channel can operate together.
The maximum distance the energy can reach from the radio transmitter is 80 blocks.

<Device with Radio Transmitting Function>

Radio Transmitter
※The range selected with the Builder Selector can be set as a marker and can be used as a radio transmitter.
※Receiving channel can be set to the marker’s condition from “Terms of Validity”.
Transmission is sent out once the conditions are met and the marker trigger is activated.

<Device with Radio Receiving and Movement Function>
Moving Assets
Teleport Protal

<Item to Set Wireless Channel>
Channel Tuner

Used to change the channel of an placed radio transmitting device.
Press the F key to set the channel number you want. Point it toward the radio transmitter and right-click to change to a specific channel.

<How to Identify Radio Channels Generating Energy>

The UI on the bottom right shows the channel currently generating energy.

■Various Limitations for Objects

・Block Height Limit

The world is 160 blocks and the ground block is set as 0.
The blocks can only be placed up to 127 blocks.
Beyond that, blocks can only be placed with assets and Land Preparation Tool.

・Cannot Attach Damage Causing Blocks to Moving Assets

Blocks with damage such as spikes, lose their function when attached to a moving asset.
To attach damage-causing blocks to moving assets without losing their function,
place spikes on a wall without movement and push them with a moving asset.
※This is planned to be fixed in further updates.

・Hook Shot won’t Stick to a Moving Assets

The hook shot is designed not to stick to a moving asset.

・Maximum Number of Palcement for Several Objects

1 Chunk [Chunk area: 0~160 Rectangle with 16 blocks across (X) x 16 blocks tall (Z)] The number of objects that can be placed inside varies depending on the type.

Placing Limit: 16
– “Teleport Portal”, “Treasure Chest”, “Cashier”, “Item Store Clerk”.
– Every object in the Object category except the “Track”.
– Moving Assets and Marker

Placing Limit: 32
– “Holy Light” and “Storage Box”
– Every object in the Exterior category.
– Every object in the Interior category except lighting objects.
– “Mixed Flower Planter” and “Large Potted Plant” on pg. 1, all objects in pg 2 and 3 in the Grass/Tree/Rock category.

Except for the above, the number of objects is unlimited.
※Due to some blocks from other categories being mixed in the Basic Block category, the maximum number of placements is based on the other categories.
※Assets are multiple objects placed together. Assets are considered incomplete when the limit is reached. (Doors and beds will not be placed due to reaching the limit,)