How to install the build mode trial play

Hello Adventurers! This is the Teravit Operation Team.
The installation procedure for the “Teravit” Build Mode Trial on Thursday, 11/10/2022 3:00 p.m. are as follows.
Installers are available only in Japanese. Please follow the instructions below.

Installation Procedure

Download the installer from .

Double-click the downloaded installer to launch.

After Launching Installer

①Click on the area circled in red.

②Click the area circled in black to choose the location for installation. Click the area circled in red to proceed.

③Confirmation Screen will appear. If there is no change needed, click the area circled in red to start installation. To go back to the page before, click the area circled in black.

④Close the installer by clicking the area circled in red. The installation is now complete.

For more information on the Build Mode Trial, please visit the URL below.