About Build Mode Trial Play

Hello Adventurers! This is the Teravit Operation Team.
Starting Thursday, November 10th at 3:00 p.m., we will host a Build Mode trial play for Teravit!

This article summarizes the features and controls relating to the new features.
Please take this opportunity to review the updates and try out the new build mode.

Images and statements in the article may be updated during the test period.

Frequently used controls in build mode

Functions Mouse/Keyboard Gamepad
(Xinput Standard)
Move W / A / S / D Left Stick
Jump Space A
Using equipment tool Left Click X
Use item Right Click Y
Select item Mouse Wheel LB / RB
Switch to flying mode Space (during jump) A (during jump)
Rise Space (during fly) A (during fly)
Fall SHIFT (during fly) Push in right stick (during fly)
Switch equipments E
Change cursor mode F B
Display Shortcut Ctrl 【None】

Other Control

Functions Mouse /Keyboard Gamepad
(Xinput Standard)
Hook Shot Wheel Click 【None】
Dash Double Click W/A/S/D Push in Left Stick
Dodge SHIFT Push in Right Stick
Item Shortcut 1~9,0 【None】
Examine F B
Discard Q
Display Map M BACK
Display Menu Tab START
Chat T
Cancel/Close Esc A
Screenshot F10 【None】
Full Screen F11 【None】

About World Build

In this test, players can create their own world they desire by selecting the “World Build” from the title screen.

①Click “World Build” after signing in.

②Choose your world type and click “Next”.

③Set options for world generation. Options are different for each world type.
Once completed, click “Next”.

④After reviewing your overall view of the world, click “Start World Build”.
Characters will appear in the generated world and start your Build.

※Options can not be changed once the world is generated.

How to Change Game Mode

Game mode can be switched to “Build Mode” or “Quest Mode” from the “Setting” by pressing the TAB key.
※In ”Quest Mode”, players can equip weapons and other items to fight monsters. This content is not included in this trial play.

Various functions in “Build Mode”

1)General Display

①In-game Time: Displays the current in-game time.
②Undo & Redo Button:
③Switch Mode: Mode will be toggled by pressing the “E” key.
Initially, blocks can be destroyed in a single attack by “Builder Punch” mode.
④Item List: Displays the items currently set.

2)Time Change Screen
In-game time can be changed by pressing the “F” key, followed by clicking the clock icon displayed on the screen.

①Time Setting: Displays the time setting panel.
②Pause: Pause time. Click once more to resume time.
③Back: Each click turns back time by an hour.
④Forward: Each click fastens time by an hour.

3)Build Selection/Usage Screen

Press the “E” key to switch to Builder Selection mode.
Select an area by left click once to select the starting point and left click again at the ending point.

A tool panel will display after selecting range.

①Selected Range: Displays a selected range set in Builder Selection mode.
②Tool Panel: Players can duplicate or move the selected range.

①Adjusting the Left Side: Adjusts the width of the left side of the selected range facing forward.
②Length Adjustment: Adjusts the length of the width.
③Adjusting the Right Side: Adjusts the width of the right side of the selected range facing forward.
④Height Adjustment: Adjusts the top height.
⑤Dupulicate: Duplicate a selected range of blocks and place them in a different location.
⑥Mirror: Mirror the selected range of blocks.
⑦Delete: Delete the selected range of blocks.
⑧Move: Move the selected range of blocks.
⑨Rotate: Rotates the selected range of blocks by 90 degrees viewed from above.
⑩Save: Save the selected range of blocks to “My Assets”.

4)Ground Leveling Tool Selection Screen

The landscape can be leveled to a flat height by hovering the cursor in the item list over the ground leveling tool and right-clicking.
①Setting Height: Set the leveling height.
②Setting the landscape of the leveling area: Sets the size and shape of the landscape when the area is leveled.
③Cursor: Displays the area to be leveled.

5)Builder’s Syringe Selection Screen

With the item list cursor on the builder’s syringe, select any block to see the block type.
By right-clicking, the selected block is added to the item slot.

6)Block Selection Screen

Open the menu screen by pressing the “tab” key.
①Category: Select a category of blocks.
②Block: Blocks are displayed by category.
③Palette Toggle: Up to 8 palettes with items set can be saved and toggled.

7)Block Placement Screen
Hover the cursor over the block you wish to place on the item slot and right-click to place the block.

Change the settings for placed blocks by pressing “F” key.
①: Place block on the ground.
②: Replace the selected placed block
③: The blocks adjacent to the selected block can be replaced by the currently selected block to a certain range.
④: Change the shape of the places block.

8)Digging Tool Selection Screen
Dig up ground or water in the selected area.
Digging areas are indicated in red.

①: Select the size of the shape to be dug.
②: Dig in a cube.
③: Dig in a sphere.
④: Dig the blocks placed above the player in a cube.
⑤: Dig the blocks placed above the player in a sphere.
⑥: Displays the area to be dug for ground and water.

9)Asset Placement

Assets are displayed on the “Tool and Gimmick” category in the menu.

Move the cursor over an asset in the item list and press right-click to display the asset selection screen.
You can register an asset as “Favorite” by right-clicking on it or by pressing the heart on the right of the asset’s name.

Select an asset, decide its location, and left-click to enter the temporary placement mode.
While in temporary placement mode, a tool panel will appear to allow adjustment of the placement position.

①Height adjustment: Adjust the height of the asset.
②Position adjustment: The placement location of the asset can be moved freely.
③Rotation: Rotate by 90 degrees viewed from above.
④Confirm: Confirm placement.

Shortcut Keys in Build Mode
You can shortcut some operations of the build by inputting the Ctrl+Specific key.
The shortcut details will be displayed in the game when you press Ctrl.

Multiplay Instruction

How to Host a World

1. Select a world to multiplay.

2. Select “Invite” in the “World” tab on the menu screen.

3. After selecting “Builder” in the “Invite Guests” section, set a password of your choice and click ” Confirm”.
Without password, the world will be opened to all players.

How to Join other World
When entering an active world hosted by others.

1. After selecting “World Build” on the title screen, click on “Recruiting Worlds”.

2. Select the world you wish to enter from the list of public worlds.

3. Click “Connect to this world,” and enter the world.

Entering with Password

1. After selecting “World Build” on the title screen, click “Password”.

2. Enter the shared password and press search to display search results.

3. Click “Connect to this world” to enter the world.

※You must create your own world in advance to enter someone else’s world.

For instructions on how to install the trial client, click below.