Teravit’s Development Plan (October 2021 Version)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait since our previous update! In addition to the Alpha Test which had kept us busy for the past few weeks, we also didn’t want to write a half-hearted blog entry as today’s topic is quite important!

The Teravit development team is currently discussing the our plans for development in response to the various responses to the Alpha Test on SNS, videos, and surveys. We are still in the process of finalizing these plans, and we can’t promise that development will proceed exactly like what is written here, but we would like to report on the ideas we have decided on at this point.

First, let’s have a look at the results which were the most coherent based on user feedback.

<Features that should be emphasized/improved in future developments.>

The current
just right.
2. 3.
be put on
4. 5.
This should be
a focal point
of development.
Action Elements 51 54 93 50 58
Story 54 59 81 51 59
Adventuring (RPG Elements) 27 46 82 73 75
Attack Effects & Animations 85 94 75 29 22
Game System 13 29 80 73 108
Craft (Item creation) 28 32 65 72 108
Build 22 44 58 67 114
Multiplayer 39 35 80 52 97
Enjoying Multiplayer
Different Rules & World
33 48 95 47 78
Communication 33 49 109 50 62
World View/Visuals 91 78 71 32 31
Controls 32 47 67 71 88
Appropriate Game Difficulty 59 57 97 44 49
Sound Effect & BGM 113 76 66 26 22
Avatar 44 38 65 59 98
MOD 43 44 88 46 81

As mentioned above, the top five most important features were:
1. Building
2. Crafting
3. Multiplayer
4. Avatars
5. Controls (Almost same percentage as “Adventuring (RPG elements)”)

* “Game System” was excluded from the results as the category was ambiguous.

It was surprising to see that “Building” and “Crafting” were the two features which Alpha Testers viewed as the categories which should be emphasized and improved in future developments. To be honest, we had neglected the architectural aspects of these features. We almost misjudged the needs of the users, and we’re really glad that we were able to realize this during the Alpha Test.

We think that many of the reviews were related to the controls, particularly the controls for block placements where we received lots of feedback. In response to this, we have prioritized the implementation of improved block placement controls in the second Alpha Test that will start in October on Steam. However, this is not the final adjustments that will be made, and for some the new controls may be worse than the previous ones. Please feel free to leave a comment on the official Twitter, Discord, Youtube channels so that we can continue to improve on these features with your valuable feedback!

In addition, the impressions and requests we received in free answer section of the questionnaire were more helpful than the aggregate results above in helping us understand where to improve on specifically.
Among the feedback we received, there were many comments such as, “The game is similar to existing titles”, and “There wasn’t anything new or surprising features in the game”, which was heartbreaking, but also a point which we feel is a concern for many players.

Teravit has been developed with the concept of creating a beautiful and vast world of voxel art. However, I think we need to recognize that the most important issue is to think about the fundamentals of games played in that world, not just the appearance.

With that said, we will now explain the seven main development categories for the official version which are currently being finalized.

1. Improving Biomes & Zones

In the survey, the world view and visuals were generally rated as sufficient in their current conditions, so this may not be the first development category that should be mentioned. However, the current world should only be considered 50-60% complete, so we would like to make sure that this is 100% complete and also one of the best features about Teravit.
We will increase the number of natural objects and structures, and enhance the explorable areas in the deep sea and underground.

2. Improving Story & NPCs

During the Alpha Test, there was no story or purpose presented. Of course, many players felt that this aspect was insufficient.
In the official version, we will implement the main storyline and quests. Due to the nature of a sandbox game, it will not be a long story, but it will be a story which is appropriate for an RPG.
Although it is not directly related to the story, we will implement a system that allows you to interact with villagers and animals. We place as much importance on this as we do on the story.

3. Improving Monsters/Combat/Strategic Elements

Teravit’s combat was kept simple so that the game can be enjoyed even without an excessive amount of skill. This is one of the reasons why we received a lot of comments about the lack of tactics and variety.
We don’t want to increase the difficulty of battles with complicated controls and actions, but we can incorporate enough elements to make battles more interesting, such as adding actions like guarding, or giving each monster its own unique fighting style.
In addition, we plan to greatly enhance the strategy of enemy strongholds, such as Monster Forts. We plan to make the dungeons more fun to explore, with monsters and bosses inside, and a variety of exciting changes to the in-game strategies and dungeon clearing.

4. Improving Multiplayer

For multiplayer, we will continue to develop and implement basic functions such as a trading system and communication functions, with the first priority being stability.
We are also planning game modes that can only be enjoyed in multiplayer. In cooperative play, for example, we will add elements that allow players to enjoy working together with one other, such as raid bosses. We will also implement a battle mode that makes the most of the Teravit system, and also a creative mode for everyone to enjoy building together.
These three game modes of cooperation, competition, and building will be the main features of multiplayer.

5. Improving Build (Construction) Elements

As mentioned earlier, Teravit originally did not consider the importance of architectural elements. You can place blocks, but there was no special or sophisticated design about the system, and the controls were unrefined. This is where we plan on making major improvements for the official version.

Although it is not purely an architectural element, we received several ideas for reviving a ruined village through architecture. We can’t say for sure that this idea can be implemented, but these elements would be fun to realize.

6. MOD/UGC (User Generated Contents)

In the second Alpha Test on Steam, we have implemented the ability to use a voxel character created with MagicaVoxel as your avatar, on a trial basis. Creating your own avatar is a basic UGC element, but we are a little concerned about the potential difficulties for this feature. We will be watching closely to see how many players make use of this new feature.

As for mods, the release date is yet to be determined, but we will continue to develop them so that they can be introduced at the right time. Mods can be used to expand and create endless possibilities for the game, but we must avoid a situation where we rely on mods to supplement the unfinished state of the game itself.

7. Completion Elements

It’s a small topic to list as a main development item, but we received many requests in the survey to create a glossary of the items and monsters we acquire and encounter. Monster and item glossaries and achievements tend to be put off due to the development of other game elements, but we think this is something that needs to be completed.

We are planning to add and improve various other features also (such as map pins).

We also received several comments that the smartphone version should be given higher priority in terms of platform support. It is very difficult to make a decision (in terms of marketing as opposed to development), but we think it is an important point and will write it here as a reminder.

The release date of the official version is yet to be determined, but we hope to take enough time to complete the above developments. We’ll keep you posted on the development progress here on the blog!

As for the next installment, we will be reporting on the progress of the development, while selecting important elements and introducing them in depth.